Collaborate and why we love it?

collaborate unified comms from Comms Connect

Collaborate is the most popular bit of new tech in our office so we wanted to share it with you and explain why we like it and what it does. One reason it’s so popular we admit is…it is sooo easy to screen share! Easier than other options we have tried.

It is also incredibly clever and has the capacity to save loads of meeting travel time. Collaborate includes:

  • instant messaging
  • video calling
  • Presence (shows personal status that helps define the best ways to communicate)
  • Ad-hoc and planned conferencing
  • Hosted PBX features

Employees can work flexibly through hot desking, home working or on the move using Collaborate. There are so many well considered ideas in this product. Firstly, there is an emphasis on control and  personal personal administration through the portal so pressure is not put on the IT team. Hopefully support is low too as Collaborate means participants can simply click to join meetings (no scrambling to find the right dial in though). The IT team should be happy with this.

Responses can be faster. Instead of additional calls after the meeting for additional questions or people wanting a point clarified privately, just use the chat to message. You can also drag and drop the name of your most expert person to answer the question – great for avoiding having to say you can’t answer a question!

It is also a highly cost effective option – finance should be happy too.

There is much more to Collaborate. If you want find out a little more click on the image or here. Alternatively, if you would prefer to have a quick chat with us call 0345 370 5000


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