Comms Connect Is Now a Carbon Neutral Organisation

We are proud to announce that we have taken steps to reduce our carbon footprint and to offset any remaining emissions, making us a carbon neutral organisation. This is an important milestone for us and we want to share with you how we did it and why you should consider becoming carbon neutral too.

To be carbon neutral means to take steps to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions to net zero. There are two ways to achieve this, either by reducing your emissions, or by offsetting them. Carbon offsetting is the process of compensating for your emissions by investing in projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions elsewhere.

At Comms Connect, we have taken both of these approaches. We have reduced our emissions through operational changes while offsetting any remaining emissions through projects which are verified to meet international standards. This way, we know that our carbon-reducing efforts are reliable, effective and long-lasting.

We chose to partner with Carbon Neutral Britain, the UK’s Leading Carbon Offsetting Initiative. Certified to the most rigorous standards, all of the carbon offsetting initiatives they support are regulated through Verra (Verified Carbon Standard), Voluntary Emission Reductions (VER) and the United Nations Certified Emission Reductions (CER) programmes. These carbon offsetting standards are the largest, most strictly regulated and are employed by businesses around the world. They ensure the measurements and tonnes of COe offset are accurate and verified.

The process of becoming a carbon neutral business was simple and straightforward.

  1. Carbon Neutral Britain calculated our organisations emissions.
  2. Once our carbon emissions were calculated, our annual emissions were offset through certified carbon offsetting projects.
  3. Once complete we became Certified as Carbon Neutral
  4. We the received a Carbon Reduction Plan (CRP), the first step in reducing our future emissions.

We wasted no time initiating our Carbon Reduction Plan, beginning with office recycling efforts and hybrid working strategies to limit business travel. To ensure sustainability, we recycle used coffee capsules and plant five trees for each new Vodafone subscriber. All plastic packaging is properly recycled at a local centre too. Our future plans include the cycle to work scheme, changing our company vehicles from diesel to electric and reducing air travel in place of trains for UK travel. To see our plan, click here.

Through the Carbon Neutral Britain climate fund we have offset our total carbon emissions through internationally certified carbon offsetting projects. Carbon offsetting projects refer to specific activities or programs which are aimed at reducing carbon emissions. These can include the installation of renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power, as well as reforestation.

An example of some of the projects supported by Carbon Neutral Britain include:

The Andes Mountains Hydro Power in Chile

Nicaforest Reforestation in Nicaragua

South West Australia Reforestation in Australia

For more information about these and other projects we support, click here.

Together, We Can Make a Positive Difference.

Climate change is a collective effort and we encourage our partners, customers and suppliers to join us. All people and businesses have a responsibility to reduce their carbon emissions and by becoming carbon neutral, everyone can help in making the world a greener place. By becoming carbon neutral, you can demonstrate your commitment to reducing your environmental impact and setting an example for others. It is a tangible way of demonstrating dedication to sustainability and helping to create a more resilient future. In addition, reducing emissions can save money in the long run by conserving energy and decreasing operational costs.

By becoming a Carbon Neutral Business you are proactively reversing your impact on climate change now, whilst also reducing your emissions over time. For more information on how to become carbon neutral with Carbon Neutral Britain click here .

We are proud to be part of the movement towards a carbon neutral world but this is just the beginning. We will continue to look for ways to further reduce our impact on the environment and offset any remaining emissions.

For further information on our carbon offsetting projects and initiatives, please get in touch with us on 0345 370 5000.

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