Henry Dony.

Case study

The Client

Henry Dony Associates is an insurance firm which represents claimants with property-related insurance claims. They have been dealing with both domestic and commercial claims since the 1970s and are a family-run business.


The Product

VoIP system

The Customer’s Issue

Henry Dony Associates had not been receiving calls consistently. They experienced poor call quality, with crackling lines and their broadband was painfully slow at times. Their VoIP system was unreliable, unprofessional and they needed a solution that would improve customer interaction.

How we solved it

We first tackled the crackling lines by installing a dedicated broadband line to manage calls and we installed a separate, high speed fibre optic broadband line for the computers. We took the time to understand Henry Dony’s needs and when we discovered that they frequently travel abroad, we proposed the Horizon mobile app. Horizon enabled them to make free calls abroad whilst displaying a local UK office number and they were delighted with this feature.

What the Customer Said

“We already had a VOIP system, but we were unhappy with the quality of the calls as well as the cost. We were a little nervous about going from one VOIP system to another, but you and your team made the whole process really easy for us.

We are delighted with the new phones, the call quality and additional services, all at a competitive price.

In particular we would like to thank our Account Manager Cem, who has been very patient and is a pleasure to deal with.

We look forward to recommending you to friends and contacts.”

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