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VOIP for professional services

Comms Connect has a large number of clients within the professional services sector. We appreciate the specialist and at times pressured nature of law firms, that is why we make sure the products we propose actually work for you. Professional services is a key customer category for Comms Connect, rival firms would not be using us if we were not experts in telecoms and adding value.

Using a telecoms provider without experience of professional services can be a costly mistake. For example, during a recent feedback call with one of our customers, following an upgrade of their system, she commented that they love that they no longer spend time checking voice messages, making notes and calling back. An email is automatically sent when a message is left (no typing required!) which enables a much faster response time. Just think how many “6 minute units” that alone could save in a month! Also, nothing can get missed.

Faster messaging can also help for remote workers or part time office staff as there is no need to wait until you are back in the office or try to log in remotely, an instant email will arrive.

When speaking to law firms with Comms Connect a recent comment was the ease of use. One client commented that “it is as much about the basic features as anything else, everything is just quick and easy.”

What do you have to lose? Just email us or call us on 0345 370 5000, without obligation and tell us you are interested in VOIP for those working in law or accountancy.

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