Welcome to the future with SoGEA

SOGEA is a high-speed broadband service which does not require a traditional phone line.

To obtain a broadband connection in your home or office in the past, you needed to have a traditional phone line installed and then purchase ADSL Broadband or Fibre Broadband on top of it. With SoGEA you no longer need to pay for a phone line and broadband. 

SoGEA is a single line connection which offers faster broadband speeds and a reliable connection at an affordable price.

Why the change?

BT Openreach has announced that in 2025, they will permanently switch off the UK’s old analogue telephone network (ISDN and PSTN). This will make all phone lines in the UK digital which means if your broadband relies on a phone line, you need to move to SoGEA.

Switching to SoGEA is Easy

When making the switch to SoGEA, we will take care of the entire process, ensuring that your broadband stays connected at all times and that you never lose connection. 

 What are the benefits of moving to SoGEA?

  • Cost Effective – you only pay for a broadband data connection, there is no rental cost for a landline.
  • Quick Installation – SOGEA orders can be completed in as little as 5 working days
  • Quick Problem Solving – You only need to contact one provider to arrange the repair of a fault. 
  • High Speeds – SoGEA offers the same speeds as standard fibre (FTTC) with download speeds of up to 80Mb
  • Future Proof – SoGEA helps your business prepare for the BT Switch Off and future proofs your business connectivity.

Where is SoGEA Available?

SoGEA is not available in every part of the UK yet but is available wherever fibre broadband is. This means that if you currently have fibre broadband, you will be able to get SoGEA.

Can I get SoGEA now?

Yes, in fact we have a fantastic Summer special on right now!

Get 6 Months Free* SoGEA Business Broadband.

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For more information about switching to SoGEA contact Comms Connect on 020 8457 2470 to speak to an expert.

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