Akixi + Horizon

Akixi is the new “go with” tool to enable seriously in-depth and complex reporting.

This is useful if:

  • You report and analyse call data, particularly for call centers to ensure that the maximum amount of revenue is generated.
  • A visual representation of key measures which can also be used as an instant reporting tool for others within your business.

Horizon + Akixi = The Ultimate Power Tool (in telecoms terms).

Akixi is award winning and provides call management and call centre analytics. Up to 200 sets of historical and real-time call statistics, dials, alarms and desktop wallboards can be accessed.

Why our customers love it?

Customers seem to particularly enthuse about the following features particularly:

  • Ability to check the average answer time
  • Select a key performance measure such as “abandoned calls” and call answer time and have it set up by us to report as part of your daily dashboard updates. The dashboard is fully customisable to your requirements.
  • Monitoring of staff, clock in, clock out, lunch, breaks etc.
  • Talktime monitoring.

How it works?

There is a one off connection fee and at least one “supervisor” then you add any number of extensions.

There are three levels  of commitment:


Akixi Lite

This is a basic call logging service that includes historical call reporting. Akixi Lite offers scheduled reports, cradle to grave call reporting. Akixi Lite offers scheduled reports, cradle to grave call reporting and trend analysis by multiple intervals such as half an hour, per day, per week or per month.

Akixi 1000

A business dashboard that helps you manage your telephony resources and usage cost effectively. Akixi 1000 provides comprehensive  real time call analytics which allow you to scrutinise and analyse your customers, supplier contacts and staff historically in real time. Desktop wallboard included.

Akixi 2000 

Delivers the complete contact centre tool allowing you to successfully manage your staff, campaigns and resources effectively. Akixi 2000 is the perfect tool to help deliver outstanding customer service. ACD Agents Included. Desktop Wall board included.

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