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Thrive Tribe, London.

Health Consultant

The Client

Thrive Tribe is a visionary organisation that empowers individuals to achieve lasting habit and behaviour change through a diverse array of transformative lifestyle and wellbeing programs.

The Problem

Thrive Tribe, an existing O2 customer, faced challenges with their business mobile services, particularly the lack of dedicated account management and difficulties in dealing directly with O2. As their company grew, they then encountered issues with invoice splitting and billing limitations, leading to inefficiencies and frustration. To make things even more complicated, as the company grew and added more mobile lines, O2 seemed to penalise them by pushing back the upgrade date for their entire account.

The Solution

Comms Connect were contracted by LCH to take over management of their phone system and do a full assessment of their communications systems. We identified that in order for LCH to get the most out of their VoIP system, they needed a better system, hence the move to Horizon – a complete communications service which provides extensive fixed and mobile telephony capabilities through an easily accessible web portal.

Thrive Tribe turned to Comms Connect for a comprehensive solution. We migrated them from O2 to EE initially for its cost-effectiveness, offering improved customer service that they previously lacked. However, as the company expanded, EE imposed caps on invoices and site allocations, causing billing complexities. To resolve this, we recommended a shift back to O2, which offered more flexible options and seamlessly aligned with our in-house billing platform. In addition, we implemented individual contract dates, ensuring that the addition of more lines no longer impacted the upgrade date for the whole account.

The Result

With the migration back to O2, Thrive Tribe found the perfect balance between cost-effectiveness and dedicated customer service. They now enjoy excellent customer support from Comms Connect while benefiting from an O2 package that caters precisely to their billing and individual contract needs. Over time, their mobile requirement has grown substantially.

What We Did

  • Business Mobiles
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Effective mobile billing solution


What the Customer Said

“As our business flourished, so did our mobile needs. Comms Connect provided us with the ideal solution by migrating us from O2 to EE initially for its cost-effectiveness and later back to O2 for its seamless integration with their billing platform. Their exceptional customer service has been fantastic, and we’re proud to be their largest business mobile customer.”


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