The Housing Network, Luton

The Housing Network, Luton.

Social Housing

The Client

The Housing Network is a specialist housing expert operating since 2014, partnering with local authorities and organisations to provide safe and quality housing solutions for communities in need. Their mission is to empower individuals with secure and comfortable living spaces, fostering inclusivity and sustainability in every housing project they undertake.

The Problem

When The Housing Network approached Comms Connect in 2016, they faced various communication challenges. They had never used business mobiles before and were unsure where to start. In addition, their landline system was outdated and they needed reliable and efficient broadband solutions to meet the growing demands of their operations.

The Solution

Comms Connect were able to provide expert advice and support to address The Housing Network’s communication needs. We began by setting up the owner’s personal and family mobiles, gradually expanding to providing business mobiles to cater to the entire company. For their landline system, we migrated them from an outdated ISDN system to an enhanced VoIP system, which offered enhanced flexibility for hybrid working. We also provided reliable and high-speed broadband solutions, including a leased line for the owner’s home and business, to ensure seamless connectivity.

The Result

Thanks to Comms Connect’s professional guidance, The Housing Network experienced a significant transformation in their business communications. The introduction of business mobiles improved mobility and efficiency, allowing their team to stay connected and responsive. Embracing VoIP enhanced their landline system, enabling streamlined communication across the organisation and benefiting from advanced features for modern working practices. The high-speed broadband, including the leased line, provided stable and fast internet access, facilitating smooth day-to-day operations.

What We Did

  • Business and Personal Mobiles
  • Switched to VoIP
  • Broadband and Leased Lines

What the Customer Said

As a customer of Comms Connect since 2016, we are delighted with the support they’ve provided us. Their expert guidance on business mobiles, migration to VoIP, and reliable broadband solutions have been instrumental in improving our communication capabilities. Their personalised approach and prompt customer service are truly commendable. The company has grown exponentially over the last 2 years. Comms Connect has allowed us to grow the communication and IT side in parallel, seamlessly

The Housing Network Team

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