How VOIP Works

VOIP works by sending “packets” of data (the voice signals) that include the caller’s and receiver’s IP addresses and are passed back and forth at exceptionally high speeds to allow for a free flowing conversation. These data “packets” provide the ability to hold far more information than ever before.

How reliable is it?

VOIP historically had a poor reputation for stability, today the situation is vastly improved providing the elements are correctly managed, and there can be significant cost savings.

There are three critical areas to ensure you enjoy all the benefits of reliable VOIP:

  • Choose a good partner such as Gamma
  • Connectivity (talk to us about this)
  • Set up, ie configuration of the system through Comms Connect.

We explain the importance of this to our clients, step them through it and as a result our VOIP clients are delighted with the benefits of VOIP. For those who prefer to see things visually please see the diagram below demonstrating the connection between the key elements:

Would it be useful to understand how this could work for your particular business?


If you prefer to talk to an expert to explore how this could work for your business simply call: 0345 370 5000

What are the key advantages of a fully hosted phone system?


The big advantage of VOIP from Comms Connect is free calls. Calls are handled more efficiently. You have an easy access portal which provides useful information about your telecoms, key features include:



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  • Voicemail to email
  • Auto attendant
  • Call recording
  • Hunt groups
  • Call waiting


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  • Music on hold
  • Assign calls to cost centres using account codes
  • Company directory
  • Call recording
  • Call history



Flexible working becomes easier, as this option is ideal where staff are based at different locations.

Hunt groups are very popular with companies managing a high number of inbound calls. It is an easy way of distributing calls from a single number to a group of operators. You can use a petal effect where your highest performing agents can receive the calls first, then if they are not free the call goes to the next agents and so on. This is simply controlled from an online portal and is very popular with companies with high inbound calls.

Future Proof

As soon as they have been developed and released you benefit from new features, upgrades, additional and optional integrations with third-party applications.

Clever Tech to save you time and money

The line between mobile and fixed blurs enablingstaff to work smarter and benefit from extremely competitive on-net rates over a business grade network.

Reliable and highly scalable

This is an option that grows with you.

Our system is packed full of features, such as a, Call Queuing and Hunt Groups plus some other great options our clients are truly in control of their calls 24/7.

Twinning is another popular feature. This is controlled from the portal on each handset, this is useful if you need to leave the office and want to continue to receive calls. Calls will ring on both your handset and your mobile phone at the same time so you can answer whichever phone is to hand wherever you are. Simply switch this feature on or off from the portal.

Staff can benefit from useful features such as Call Record and Statistics to manage their workload and improve performance.

Optional additional features:

  • Outlook Integration
  • Mobile Apps
  • Click to dial
  • Compatibility with most leading CRM software brands.

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Hunt Group

Build and activate call queuing with Hunt Groups.


If a landline/mobile call is busy, then the call diverts to the next available option.


Circular hunt group sends the incoming calls to users according to their position in the list. After a call has been answered, the next call will be answered by the second person on the list following the user who answered, then the third person and so on.

Most Idle

Calls are sent to whichever line has been idle the longest.

Weighted calls

Weighted calls are passed to your best agents first, if busy then calls are passed to the next agent and so on.


Use the dashboard to make amendments. It is easy to add and edit users, manage voicemails and welcome messages whilst monitoring usage and recorded calls.

The Dashboard enables clients to:

  • The number of calls received
  • The length of time spent on calls
  • Who is making the calls
  • The number of calls
  • This is shown in easy to use graphics
  • Call outcome (answered, missed, geographical location etc.)

Thinking about telephone audio?

Ask us about options for on hold vocals or music and choose your company’s style from the options demonstrated on the link below. Play the different options and see what suits your brand:


Customers can mix and match voices and music from the link above for their on hold preferences.

Below is a quick reminder of some benefits of a VOIP system purchased through Gamma:

Our team of business telecoms specialists can talk to you about options that work for your business. Your business is in safe hands with us.

Call us now to discuss costs and whether we can save you money:

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