Top tips for choosing business broadband

At Comms Connect, we will of course take some information from you and endeavour to match your requirements.

Tip 1: Compare all the available deals for speed, reliability and cost. Some business broadband providers offer the cheapest line rental, selling with a headline low cost. However, the prudent customer looks behind the headline at what is or isn’t included and particularly the support offered. It’s worth comparing them all to get the best value for money or asking a re-seller such as Comms Connect to talk you through your options and the support offered.

Tip 2: Ensure your package offers the speed, download allowance and inclusive calls that suit your company’s requirements. Some cheap business broadband deals come with low download caps, for instance 10GB usage, which may be suitable for the smallest of companies but in reality is unlikely to go very far when split between multiple employees all processing orders and updating your website information & could ultimately cost you more in over usage.

Tip 3: Unlimited business broadband removes the worry of exceeding your allowance. Ensure the speeds are up to scratch too; many employees require plenty of bandwidth.

Tip 4: Ofcom has put together a comprehensive guide for SMEs without an extensive knowledge of the broadband industry, to help just about anyone cut through the jargon and get set up quickly.

Tip 5: Ensure your staff and customers are protected, by business-grade broadband security. Premium security software often comes included with business broadband deals, and can protect your company’s sensitive data including customer and employee information. Content backup solutions are also usually included, so that your files are never completely lost if there’s a blackout or system error.

Tip 6: Make the most of available extra services included with your package, like VoIP support, routers with integrated firewalls, free storage for your files and complementary email addresses for your employees.

Tip 7: Talk to a member of staff at Comms Connect and ask for their advice and some priced deal options, ask them why they believe that deal is the best for you.

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