LCH – Borehamwood, Hertfordshire.

Case study

The Client

LCH is one of the UK’s most renowned suppliers of luxury vehicles, providing the highest standards of vehicle hire. They have locations
in Elstree, Bristol, Cheltenham, Manchester, Coventry, Newcastle, Glasgow and Guildford.

The Problem

LCH needed help with their outdated VoIP system. Their current system was not well managed and was missing important features such as the ability to direct calls to the correct people, groups and departments.
Some of their staff were working from home, so they also needed a reliable and secure method of
communication. LCH was referred to Comms Connect by their IT provider.

The Solution

Comms Connect were contracted by LCH to take over management of their phone system and do a full assessment of their communications systems. We identified that in order for LCH to get the most out of their VoIP system, they needed a better system, hence the move to Horizon – a complete communications service which provides extensive fixed and mobile telephony capabilities through an easily accessible web portal.

The transition process went smoothly because of Comms Connect’s expertise in this area. This included providing staff training on how to use the new system and its additional features, as well as installing a backup broadband line for further protection against any technical problems.

The next step was introducing Akixi call reporting software. This gave LCH clear insight into their overall performance and enabled them to identify areas for improvement such as reducing customer wait times or improving staff productivity. The powerful analytics tools gave them accurate information on key metrics such as call duration, number of concurrent calls and average wait times so they could continually improve customer experience.

In addition, Comms Connect took over the management of LCH’s business mobile solutions, by providing hands-on advice on choosing the right tariffs, ensuring good coverage and providing technical support when necessary. This comprehensive package of services allowed LCH to take control over its telecommunications strategies with confidence that their networks were reliable, secure and cost effective.

The Result

LCH have now have access to advanced features and can ensure that all incoming calls are routed correctly with no issues. Furthermore, their remote workers can work freely without any disruption due to unreliable connectivity issues or lack of access to phone system features.

The results from LCH working with Comms Connect were significant; improved security through better managed data connections, accurate insights delivered by Akixi call reporting software, optimised customer experience due to improved network performance and efficient mobile phone service thanks to tailored expertise from our team of professionals.

What We Did

• Management of VoIP phone system.
• Installation of Horizon and Akixi call reporting software.
• Staff training.
• Installing backup broadband line for further protection.
• Advice on choosing the right mobile phone tariffs.
• Excellent Customer Service

What the Customer Said

“The Comms Connect team have always offered great support to LCH, from Rene, Reshma and Cem to the wider team they are always friendly, resilient to find a solution to a problem and always understanding of our ever changing business needs.”


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