Langdon – Borehamwood, Hertfordshire.

Jewish Charity

The Client

Langdon is a leading Jewish charity which provides young people and adults with learning disabilities with the skills and opportunities to live independently in their communities. They operate in Manchester, Edgware and Borehamwood.

The Challenge

The charity had been dealing with EE for quite some time but were becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the level of customer service they received. They had no dedicated account manager and they found the billing platform confusing and difficult to understand. The charity needed someone they could trust to help them sort out their mobile issues and they were referred to Comms Connect.

Langdon granted Comms Connect third party access to their EE account which allowed us to act on their behalf and take away the hassle of managing their dozens of business mobile lines. We conducted a detailed mobile bill analysis and were able to pinpoint which lines were being used and which were not, so Langdon could see exactly how much money was being spent unnecessarily on unused lines. Although Langdon were not yet customers of Comms Connect at this point, we were happy to advise them as we are genuinely committed to helping businesses save money where possible.

As a result, a strong relationship was formed and Langdon were highly impressed by the expert advice provided by our friendly and helpful team.

The Solution

Confident in Comms Connect’s abilities, Langdon engaged our services. The first thing we did was cancel all of the unused lines. The existing numbers they had were scattered and disorganised, so instead of transferring them over, we decided to cancel them and acquire new lines which could be better allocated.

We also moved Langdon from EE to O2 and Vodafone to make sure that they had the best mobile solution package for their needs. Our user-friendly billing platform allowed them to easily download invoices and clearly view everything in one, making their billing easy to understand.

This transition occurred when the first COVID-19 lockdown began. Langdon needed new numbers quickly so that their staff could all work from home with as little disruption to operations as possible. Thanks to our swift action, this was achieved without any problems or delays.

The Result

Langdon are delighted with the service they have receive from Comms Connect. The charity has managed to save a significant amount of money and time whilst also ensuring they have a reliable mobile solution in place to keep their staff connected. Furthermore, Langdon now have a dedicated account manager who is always on hand to answer any queries they may have. We consistently monitor unused lines and are always on hand to reassign lines or replace lost sims, which can be done in just 30 minutes.

What We Did

• Cancelled unused lines resulting in cost savings.
• Moved from EE to O2 and Vodafone for the best tariff.
• Introduced our Billing Platform for clarity on bills.
• Provided excellent customer service throughout.
• No disruption to the service during lockdown period.

What the Customer Said

We have been working with Comms Connect for the past three years and we are delighted with their service. They have provided us with a simple billing solution and great customer service. The team are friendly, attentive and always on hand to answer our queries. We would highly recommend them to anyone.

Caoimhe Campbell-McCormick

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