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Horizon Collaborate – Use the technology you have – Be equipped to Work from Home

A collaborative experience, designed improve productivity and take team working to the next level; and it does. This product has never been more useful with customers able to switch seamlessly from office to home working.

Horizon Collaborate & how easy it makes working from home

In today’s fast pace, competitive environments easy and efficient communications can save time and the secure the sale, even in these uncertain times.

A fully unified ICT environment connects people, people, clouds, applications and networks to meet the increasing demands of your customers and boost productivity. Click the brochure below to read more:


Horizon Collaborate brochure

Click the brochure to find out more

  • Horizon Collaborate offers services such as:
  •  instant messaging
  • presence
  • voice
  • desktop/application sharing
  • document sharing


We evaluate your needs and recommend a bespoke solution, tailored to your business.

Looking for a VoIP business solution now is a wise choice.

Making calls over VoIP is cheaper than any traditional landline service.



Business Phone Systems

Business phone systems have evolved. VoIP (voice over internet protocol) is the new normal. Offering free calls and exceptional features. Connecting your workforce through desktop handsets, soft-phones or mobile phone app. A single number for wherever they may be.

IP Telephony, also known as Internet calling, is replacing ISDN phone systems. Across the UK thousands of businesses are now making calls over the internet.

Comms Connect is a leading business VoIP provider. We test, design, supply, maintain and support VoIP business phone systems. Working with hundreds of local business from small office systems to multi-site enterprise solutions.

There are two main solutions: Hosted or On-Premise. Each having their own unique benefits and features:

Hosted VoIP

A cloud system, sometimes called hosted phone system, uses the internet to connect all your extensions. To each other and the public phone network. There is no actual physical phone system hardware on site (apart from the phones). Total flexibility from a system that connects from anywhere with an internet connection.

Other benefits include:

  • Managed – remotely managed by the hosting company.
  • Bespoke – configure individual user interfaces with special features.
  • Multi-site – employees can hot-desk or work from home.
  • Always Up to date – software and hardware updates are pushed to your devices
  • Call recording – now it’s so easy to prove who said what. See more information and prices HERE.
  • Choose your sounds! The fun part is HERE.

Most small to medium size business prefer this solution. A single point of contact to manage all your telecoms requirements. from extra handsets to changing configuration. There is no need for additional IT skills or software for your business to manage.

With a hosted phone system you pay a license fee per user. In the long term, it can prove less cost-effective than an on-site solution. You must also consider your internet speed, as every call made is via the hosting company. Even internal calls, and voicemail.

We explain the importance of this to our clients. Step them through it and as a result, our Hosted VoIP clients are delighted with the benefits of VoIP.

See the diagram below demonstrating the connection between the key elements:

How hosed VoIP works


Our hosted solutions include:

Horizon + Akixi



On-site phone system

A PBX (Private Branch Exchange) creates a local IP network to manage your phone calls. Perfect for larger businesses supporting 5 to 3,000 users across 150 locations, in a single network

Phone calls are connected using VoIP in the form of SIP trunks (Session Initiation Protocol). SIP trunks act like telephone lines that operate via your broadband/data connection.

The advantages of an on-site solution are:

  • More Features – On-Site phone systems tend to offer more features
  • Self Managed – You can manage new users yourself
  • Less Bandwidth – PBX systems consume less bandwidth as the technology is on-site
  • Lower Cost – You only pay for lines and calls, not per user.

Packed full of features, such as call queuing and hunt groups plus some other great options. Our customers are in control of their calls 24/7.

With an on-site phone system, you can select the features that are right for you. All systems come with basic voice telephony and messaging. Including voice mail, message to email, call forwarding, audio conferencing and automated attendant. You may need mobility features, including one-number access and dial by name/extension.

Unified communications include instant messaging, presence, web collaboration, mobile access, video, and call recording

Our on-site solutions include:

Avaya IP Office


Hosted & On-Site Features

VoIP phone systems, hosted and on-site, all come with a basic set of business features. Voicemail, hunt groups, auto attendant, call waiting and music on hold, etc.

Here we explain some of the new features you may be unaware of:

  • Any number

You can choose any virtual geographic number. Your business can appear to be located anywhere in the UK. You can choose 0800 or 03 numbers for permanent contracts or sort-term marketing campaigns.

  • Voicemail to email

Voicemail messages can be sent as an email attachment. Converted to audio files you can specify an email address to receive your missed calls.

  • Complete Mobility

For employees working from home, on the road or a different location. Our devices and apps keep them reachable at all times.

  • Video/Audio Conferencing

Multi-user conference calls, audio or video from multiple locations. So your teams never miss a meeting.

  • Call Recording/Monitoring

All calls can be recorded. Both inbound and outbound, for monitoring and customer enquiries. In some cases this function can be utilised for verbal contract purposes. See prices and how it works with Horizon HERE

  • Softphone

Installing software on your computer/tablet. You can remain connected without the need of a desktop handset. Although you may want to plug in a headset.

  • CRM Integration

As a key part of your business operations. Your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) can connect. This allows you to keep track of your interactions with prospects and customers.

  • Unified Collaboration

Collaboration features such as instant messaging, file sharing and planning. Makes collaborating with colleagues, customers, and suppliers straightforward. Available on your mobile app or soft-phone.



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Hunt Groups



Types of Hunt Group



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Comms Connect business consultants spend quality time with your business to understand your communication needs and future growth.


Tel: 0345 370 5000
or email contactus@commsconnect.co.uk




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Business Phone Systems FAQ’s

[collapse title=”What happens if I lose power / internet?” active=”true”]

In the event of a power outage or loss of internet, your calls can be routed to another location. Soft-phone devices will have battery backup and can connect over 4G. Thus ensuring good continuity of service.

It is worth investing in a backup power supply to cover you in the event of a power outage.

For extended periods of a power outage or extended broadband issues, we can divert your calls to any location of your choice. We can help you with your disaster recovery plan to keep your business running.

[collapse title=”Which system is best?”]

A small business may opt for a hosted phone system. With minimal up-front costs and manageable monthly costs.

Alternatively, small businesses may choose an on-premise system for extra functionality and control.

We can help guide you through your options and make sure you have a system that’s right for you.

[collapse title=”Is VoIP Secure”]

Security starts with the correct configuration, monitoring, and security updates. Every time you pick up a VoIP telephone, start a video conference or send an instant message. We can assure your identity is protected and conversation secured.



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