Fibre Broadband

Cloud Technology, VoIP Phone Systems, Online Software all designed to help you work more efficiently and save you money rely on an excellent Broadband service.


Our experts– consider your business requirements to ensure you have the right broadband service. We offer a full range of broadband products, from standard ADSL connections through to Fibre Optic Leased Lines. We help you match your business needs to the most appropriate product options available.

Choosing the right business broadband

When evaluating your business broadband, you should consider more than price.

  • Sufficient Speed (bandwidth) to meet your business needs
  • Reliable service at times of increased usage
  • Support, 24/7 with fast response engineers
  • Future Proof service, for new services and everyday functions

Most business users are unaware of how much day-to-day activity is conducted over the internet. Emails, web services, office 365, CRM, file storage and backups, VoIP phones and video conferencing all needing to share a reliable and fast connection.

Growing businesses now need to look at improved services such as Fibre to the premises (FTTP) or Leased Lines to cope with all internet connected devices and services.


Which broadband service do you need?

Broadband services are usually unlimited, which means you can download and upload as much as you like, whenever you like with no additional usage costs.

When we evaluate a business’s broadband requirement, we are referring to speed (bandwidth) and having sufficient capacity at busy times. So, we need to evaluate the services consumed, and the number of users to make sure you have the right broadband connection.

Broadband (ADSL)

Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) Up to 17Mbps download speeds and up to 1Mbps upload speeds – totally unlimited and fantastic for 1 to 5 users surfing the internet and email.

Symmetrical Digital Subscriber Line (SDSL) is typically used by businesses for services such as video conferencing, where upload speed is just as important as download speed.

ADSL Broadband explained

Fibre Broadband

Up to 76Mbps download speeds and up to 19Mbps upload for when broadband is just not fast enough or when you have 3 users and above.

There are two types of Fibre broadband: FTTC is Fibre to the Cabinet, from the cabinet to your office the service continues over traditional copper wire. Significantly faster than DSL but not as fast as full-fibre (FTTP). Fibre to the Premises is as it suggests, fibre optic technology all the way to your office router.

Fibre Broadband explained

Leased Line

This is your very own uncontested circuit which enables you to have guaranteed upload and download speeds. Perfect for the fast-paced business.

This is a private connection between you and your internet provider, so remains at a constant high-speed. Also known as ethernet leased line, dedicated line, data circuit or private line.

read more about leased line broadband

Leased lines explained

Top tips when choosing Business Broadband

Tip 1

Compare all the available deals for speed, reliability, and cost. Some business broadband providers offer the cheapest line rental, selling with a headline low cost. However, the prudent customer looks behind the headline at what is or isn’t included and particularly the support offered. It’s worth comparing them all to get the best value for money or asking a re-seller such as Comms Connect to talk you through your options and the support offered.

Tip 2

Ensure your package offers the speed, download allowance and inclusive calls that suit your company’s requirements. Some cheap business broadband deals come with low download caps, for instance, 10GB usage, which may be suitable for the smallest of companies but in reality is unlikely to go very far when split between multiple employees all processing orders and updating your website information & could ultimately cost you more in over usage.

Tip 3

Unlimited business broadband removes the worry of exceeding your allowance. Ensure the speeds are up to scratch too; many employees require plenty of bandwidth.

Tip 4

Ofcom has put together a comprehensive guide for without extensive knowledge of the broadband industry, to help just about anyone cut through the jargon and get set up quickly.

Tip 5

Ensure your staff and customers are protected, by business-grade broadband security. Premium security software often comes included with business broadband deals and can protect your company’s sensitive data including customer and employee information. Content backup solutions are also usually included so that your files are never completely lost if there’s a blackout or system error.

Tip 6

Make the most of available extra services included with your package, like VoIP support, routers with integrated firewalls, free storage for your files and complimentary email addresses for your employees.

Tip 7

Talk to a member of staff at Comms Connect and ask for their advice and some priced deal options, ask them why they believe that deal is the best for you.

Ready to discover more?

Our customers stay with us because we respond quickly; efficiently and resolve any issues. There is no waiting in a long queue for a call centre operator; you call us, and we take it from there.

Experienced account managers are here to help, simplify the complex, speed up implementation, and save you money. We will ensure that your requirements are understood and met because getting it right is business critical.

Design & Installation
We can get you up-and-running smoothly so your business carries on as usual. Either working with you or providing a complete installation service from start to finish. Our engineers know how to get the job done well.

Choose the support service to suit your business. We deliver cost-effective support to ensure reliability and availability because communications keep your business going. Our business is built on customer service so you can expect very good support, consistently. We help keep your business moving.

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WiFi Solutions

Modern businesses are reliant on a strong WiFi connection, but there are always weak signal areas where your signal keeps on dropping. This is often can be embarrassing when if, for example, it’s the conference room and your you are trying to impress clients.

WiFi Access Points can be installed around your offices to remove this issue. Speak to one of our connectivity experts to get have a free evaluation. You may also consider Guest WiFi to keep your network secure from visitors


With a static IP address, you can connect remotely to your server to exchange files, host a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and is suitable for applications that use VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). You may also need a static IP for CCTV and homeworkers.

For security, we always recommend a separate Guest Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity). When giving guest access to your main WiFi you could be giving them access to files and data on your network. You may also consider doing this in your home as well as your business.

However, we can provide advanced WiFi networks that allow you to decide how much bandwidth you allow guest to take, how often the security or password is changed, you can also even exclude individual users.

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