Compass Business Finance Ltd – Tonbridge, Kent.

Case study

The Client

Compass is an independent finance company based in Tonbridge, Kent. They help businesses with financial matters and provide flexible and competitive funding solutions.

The Problem

When Compass first reached out to Comms Connect, they had number of issues to address. Their mobile and landline services were on separate cost centres, making it challenging to manage their bills. The signal in their office was weak and WiFi calling was not working.

The Solution

To tackle the signal issues in the office, Comms Connect provided mobile signal boosters which enhanced weaker signals and improved network speed and stability across the board. This enabled Compass staff to make use of WiFi calling without suffering from connection drops or slow speeds. We provided Compass with a single cost centre for all their landline and mobile services, simplifying their bills. By providing them with a single dedicated account manager, we were able to drastically improve their customer service experience and make communication more efficient.

The Result

The results for Compass were outstanding, not only did they receive quality customer service from Comms Connect’s account manager, but by consolidating their costs into one centralised bill, they had more control of their bills. Signal strength in the office improved drastically ensuring that all staff members could enjoy a stable connection no matter which part of the building they were working in.

What We Did

• Simplified billing with a single cost centre for
landline and mobile services.
• Improved signal quality with mobile signal
• Dedicated account management providing
ongoing support and customer service.

What the Customer Said

“We are delighted with Comms Connect services, having a central location for all our contracts and billing means managing our telecoms is so much easier. The customer service we received was exceptional, all team members were helpful, friendly and polite and always respond to our queries quickly. We would definitely recommend Comms Connect to other businesses!”.

The team at Compass Business Finance Ltd.

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