CCTV How to protect an individual’s rights?

The Must Do List for CCTV

As an employer it is important to not leave yourself at risk from non compliance or risk damaging work culture affecting business. We have picked out the relatively small number of key points every employer needs to know about:

CCTV monitoring can be used in the workplace for a number of reasons, however, if CCTV is installed the employer should make sure the employees are aware it, this is usually done by displaying signs to say where the locations of the cameras are. Workers should also be given the reason for the monitoring.

Signs should:

  • be clear, visible and readable
  • contain details of the purpose of the surveillance and who to contact about the scheme
  • include contact details such as website address, telephone number or e mail address.

Consider the need to justify use. As an employer the GDPR guidance reminds us that a CCTV camera with sound recording will be significantly more intrusive and harder to justify than one without capability.

Employers should have a policy:

The policy should cover the purposes you are using the CCTV for and how you will handle the information, including guidance on disclosures and recording. It is good practice to assign day-to-day responsibility for CCTV to an appropriate individual. They should ensure that your business sets standards, has procedures and that the system complies with legal obligations including individuals’ rights of access. It is very important to discuss the purpose of the recording, length of time held etc. with staff before you switch the cameras on!


Make all relevant staff aware of your CCTV policy and procedures and train them where necessary. For example:

* All staff who are authorised to access the cameras should be familiar with the system, and with the processes for reviewing footage and extracting it if required.

* All staff should be familiar with procedures for recognising and dealing with requests for personal data.

* All staff should be familiar with the likely disciplinary penalties for misuse of the cameras.

* Where a staff member’s role explicitly includes monitoring of CCTV, eg a security guard, ensure that you meet and record appropriate training standards (such as SIA qualifications).

For any further guidance for organisations is a great source of reference and support.

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