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Case study

The Client

Cosway Estates is an Estate agent which has been serving Mill Hill and surrounding areas since 1935. It is a well-known landmark in Mill Hill and has been nominated to represent the Guild of Professional Estate Agents in the area. They cover a wide range of areas, including Mill Hill, Edgware, Stanmore, Totteridge, Woodside Park, Finchley and Hendon.

The Product

Landline and Broadband

The Customer’s Issue

Cosway were experiencing poor call quality with crackling lines and they could not answer calls from both of their sites from one location. Their existing systems also had limited features. We investigated and found that with the right changes, we could improve call quality and significantly save costs.

How we solved it

We sent our cabling expert in to diagnose the cause of the problem. They identified that the poor-quality connections were caused by damaged cables. We replaced the cables and installed fibre optic broadband and our phone system, which improved call quality.

The next issue was Cosway’s inability to receive calls from their Edgware Office in their Mill Hill Office. This issue was solved with the implementation of our new system which linked the two offices to one line. Following the recommended move from a traditional system to VoIP, Cosway benefitted from substantial cost savings.

Where they previously had limited features, the new system offered a host of benefits like, auto attendant, music on hold and voice recording. Their phone system is now much more efficient and professional.

The move from a traditional phone system to VoIP was cost effective and improved their call quality. Cosway received free handsets with no capital outlay for hardware.

What the Customer Said

“Customer Service – Very good from start to finish. Process explained clearly and the actual job carried out quickly and efficiently. All staff we met were very helpful and very professional.

The Product – Excellent. Looks much better than before. Saving us money every month and should last us many years.

The Company – Great Company. Would use them again and recommend them to friend.

Recommendation – Definitely 100%”

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