Case study

The Client

BRITA is a global company which specialises in sustainable drinking water solutions. Founded in Germany in 1966, it has since become a leading expert in water optimisation. The company offers water filtration products for both household and professional use and it has grown into two global entities.

The Product

Landline and Mobile

The Customer’s Issue

Brita Vivreau was struggling with their existing phone system and they wanted to replace it. Their supplier was difficult to get hold of and call quality was poor, with calls often cutting out leaving a poor impression with clients. Their traditional phone system was coming to the end of its shelf life, they had an expensive maintenance contract and call charges to their overseas offices were high. 

There was no option for fibre optic on their business park, so we had to find a solution to install a reliable system that would bring costs down.

The traditional phone system was outdated and made setting up new users a difficult, physically demanding task. We set up pre-programmed phones which made this process much easier to manage, allowing us to remotely manage new users or other changes. We also established a ‘twinning’ system for the Managing Director, allowing them to take calls on mobile or in the office as both lines would ring at the same time.

The broadband was unreliable, which was a big problem as it affected all telecoms and PC’s. We added a leased line which created a stable, powerful connection that would not let them down.

We installed a new VoIP system which enabled Brita Vivreau to manage and customise their reports and benefit from a host of features like voice mail to email. Brita Vivreau also received new handsets which let them use styluses with bespoke software to get verification signatures from customers when they made deliveries.

Overall, Brita Vivreau reduced their international call costs by 50% and received thousands of pounds worth of free hardware, making the move from traditional telephony to VoIP significantly cost effective.

What the Customer Said

Brita Vivreau have been working with Comms Connect for a number of years now. Originally supplying and maintaining our mobile phones and iPads, it was not too long before they were installing a brand-new cloud-based telephone system, which far surpassed our expectations. During 2016 we moved offices, which was quite a stressful time for all concerned. It helped immensely that we were able to rely on Deniz and Cem to ensure that our new Leaseline was installed, the internet was connected and all phones were in and working for our first day in the new office. It is good to know that Deniz and his team are always contactable if needed. I would not hesitate to recommend Comms Connect to another organisation.”

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