Akixi Release 2.0

Call Recording and analysis are made easy with Horizon and Akixi combined. Produce impressive and KPI critical information at the touch of a button.

Release 2.0 is even better accommodating wish lists from loyal customers. It is really worth a conversation or demo request, this could save you so much time and money!

The new omnichannel product allows Akixi 3000 Supervisors to get reports and analytics on email interactions, voice calls and agent status.

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Akixi Omnichannel Panel

This new Windows desktop application notifies agents of incoming contacts and allows them to pick up calls and emails which are delivered into groups. Agents can use the omnichannel panel to change their current state and sign in/out of queues and groups.

Copy Reports

This much-requested feature now allows Akixi Supervisors to duplicate existing reports.

Send Reports Between Supervisors

With Akixi 2.0, Akixi Administrators can send reports from one Supervisor account to another.

‘My Reports’ Folder Management

This new folder functionality allows Supervisors to organise their Akixi reports into custom-built folders – ideal for grouping similar reports together so Supervisors can be better organised.


New statistics have been added to the Akixi Reporting service allowing Supervisors to report on maximum concurrent calls/emails and SIP trunk utilisation.

Dynamic Searching

On the Administration section of the portal, there is a now a search box allowing Administrators to search through records to find a specific item.


 For more information regarding these features and enhancements, please contact Comms Connect on 0345 370 5000 and ask for Cem who can discuss how this can work for you or complete the form below:

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