How To Get Your Business Ready For The BT Switch Off In 2025

The BT Switch Off in 2025 is looming. This is a huge project which is happening right now and it will end in 2025. Every business in the UK, including yours, will be affected. As a responsible business owner, you need to get your business ready for the coming changes.

In this guide, you will learn what the BT Switch Off is, why it is happening and what you need to do to future proof your business communications.

What Is The BT Switch Off 2025?

In 2025, BT will be switching off all the UKs traditional phone lines (in technical terms they are called PSTN and ISDN). Every phone line in the UK must move over to an internet-based solution.

The reason for the switch off is that the old phone network needs to be upgraded. The original copper phone lines are outdated, unreliable and expensive to fix. Phone lines in use today were implemented way back in the 1800’s and still rely on technology created centuries ago. Maintaining these outdated networks is becoming increasingly expensive and troublesome. Technology is advancing quickly and today there are many other, faster, cheaper, more reliable ways to make calls. Phone companies around the world have already started moving over to all-digital networks and the UK will soon follow.

BT has already started phasing out phone lines by implementing a stop sell policy. This means that traditional phone lines will no longer be sold once an area has more than 75% ultrafast fibre coverage. Over 118 exchanges have already reached this stage and all phone lines will be completely switched off in 2025.

How Will It Affect Your Business?

If your business relies on traditional phone lines for communication, then your telephone products and internet, will no longer work when the lines are switched off. It is not only your telephones that will be affected, but also anything else that relies on your phone line, like an internet connection, credit card machines, fax machines, security alarms, CCTV etc. If you want to continue business as usual and stay connected to your customers, you need to act now.

How to get ready for the BT Switch Off …

Switch To An Internet-Based Phone System

The essential thing to do right now, is to move your current phone line to an internet-based phone system.

How do you do this? With VoIP.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a system that allows you to make and receive phone calls over the internet. A VoIP, or cloud system is a virtual phone system. It is not physically located on your premises, instead it is held in one of our UK data centres and your calls are routed via the internet. If you have a traditional digital phone line (like ISDN2 or ISDN30) then you need to switch to a VoIP phone system. This will not only future proof your business communications, but it will also be much cheaper, more flexible and more reliable.

Another option is SIP Trunks.

SIP Trunks are the best internet-based solution for businesses. If your business already has modern telephone handsets that support SIP, they can be set up to make calls over the internet. Older telephone systems that do not support SIP will become unusable, in which case you will need to invest in a new phone system, or you could take the opportunity to move to a cloud-based system.

Future Proof Your Broadband

If you have an analogue phone line, then you need to move to the new generation of broadband. There are two products available, SOGEA and FTTP. These future proofed solutions provide the fastest broadband yet.

SoGEA stands for Single Order Broadband and with it you do not need a phone line to get broadband. It is cost effective, simple to install and is a perfect long-term solution for when phone lines are switched off.

FTTP stands for direct Fibre To The Premises and is also known as Superfast Broadband. It lets you connect to your fibre provider, straight to your premises without using a phone line. With FTTP, businesses can have fixed connectivity which is faster and provides better quality calls.

Evaluate Your Hardware

Modern desk phones which are about five years old are potentially SIP ready. This means that they might still work after the switch off by being ported to the internet. For older handsets you need to check with your service providers and manufacturers to find out if they will be affected. In order to use a VoIP system, new handsets will be required.

Identify Everything Else Using A Phone Line

Anything that currently uses a phone line to work will be affected by the switch off. Modern devices should still work, but older ones might need to be replaced. Things to check are:

credit card machines, fax machines, security alarms, CCTV etc. Contact your service providers and manufacturers to find out if your products are compatible with modern technology standards.

The BT Switch Off Is Inevitable, Get Ready Now!

Do not leave your planning to the last minute, it would be a mistake that could cost you thousands of pounds in lost revenue.

If you want further advice on how to prepare your business for the BT Switch off, contact Comms Connect. We are trusted experts in internet-based communications technology and with 25 years’ experience, we will ensure that your business is not left behind.

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