Why it’s Time to Employ Unified Endpoint Management

No-one can deny that traditional ways of working have changed dramatically over the past few years, and even more rapidly since Covid.  Remote or blended working has become the norm rather than being frowned upon by a lot of organisations. This sea change has led to the rapid development of Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) systems, which enable IT administrators to manage and secure remote company devices from one single console in-house.

UEMs offer:


Unified Endpoint Management systems allow remote-working employees to access everything they need to perform their tasks while managers can keep an eye on their progress. Both parties are also safe in the knowledge that confidential data won’t be compromised by any outside security threat. If the IT department does detect a breach through the UEM system, it can be fixed quickly and efficiently through a few clicks. This gives the company and the end user peace of mind.


Travelling employees no longer have to be weighed down carrying multiple devices as they can access everything they need on one device if required. This negates the need to carry around a heavy laptop as well as a mobile and/or tablet when out and about for business. If the user is at home, they can be logged on to whatever device is most convenient to access at that time – and if they have to pop out to walk the dog they will still be connected.

Companies signing up to a UEM can offer even more flexibility to their employees by introducing BYOD (bring your own device). People are always more comfortable working on their own phone or laptop, thereby increasing productivity. If this can be done without compromising company security then that is surely a win-win situation. With UEM, business data will always be protected and kept separate from any personal data. An employee’s own Apps will be invisible even to the all-seeing IT administrator.


There are also many add-on options to consider when buying into a UEM, for example Mobile Sign. Signing up for this feature means no more tedious password input for each App accessed. As long as employees are logged in to the UEM they will be able to access everything immediately. This saves time and energy and possibly gives IT a well-earned rest from failed password issues.

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This is just a very quick overview of the advantage of UEM systems. If you  want to know more, please click here to see how they can benefit your business or call us on 0345 370 500 today.

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