How to Use Wifi Calling on Your Mobile

These days we all get stressed out when we don’t have a decent WiFi connection to check our WhatsApp or social media. However, it can be equally annoying if we don’t have a good enough phone signal to make an important call. Instead of waving your phone about trying to get a couple of bars to appear, you can use an existing WiFi connection to make calls or text.

WiFi calling is different from using FaceTime or similar, as you don’t need to download an App, just follow the simple steps below to set it up and you can make a regular phone call. You can also check your provider’s website for more detailed information on which phones and packages support WiFi calling and texting. The great thing is, whatever phone you use, there is no charge for this service on any network.

To make a WiFi call using your iPhone

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap ‘Phone’.
  3. Select WiFi Calling. You may have to enter or confirm your address at this point for emergency services as it wont automatically appear like it does if you call using the mobile network.
  4. If WiFi calling is available, you’ll see WiFi underneath your network provider name in the status bar.
  5. Your iPhone will now use WiFi to make calls.

Turning on WiFi on iPhone

To make a WiFi call using your Android phone

  1. Connect your phone to WiFi from the home screen, tap Phone
  2. Tap the Menu icon
  3. Tap Settings
  4. Scroll down to the Wi-Fi calling switch and toggle it On
  5. You can switch Wi-Fi Calling off by switching the toggle to Off

Turning on WiFi on Android








As there are different models that use the Android OS, you may want to research online the exact steps for your phone as they will slightly differ from the above.

One more thing to be mindful of when you’re making a WiFi call is that the connection could drop out if you’re moving around. Most phones will switch seamlessly to 4G without any disruption to the call, but again, it is worth confirming online whether this feature is enabled on your phone.

So, now there is no need to worry when you are out of range. Take a few easy steps and you will be able to make a call wherever you get a WiFi signal.

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