IMPORTANT – If you pay business energy costs this email could save you money. We are in “Lock Down” and most businesses are looking at what they can do to get them through the immediate future. There are many concerns but this could be a little piece of good news! We explain why below:

Oil prices are at an 18 year low and of course energy prices are intrinsically linked. For some businesses, if they don’t switch now, they may soon find that they are stuck due to credit ratings.

Prices and demand are likely to go up after “Lock Down” so fix for five years while you can.

Additionally, if you are able to take meter readings whilst the office is shut up, you will be billed for usage, so practically nothing, a further saving. All these things added together can help make sure your business is one that bounces back and is on the strongest footing once “Lock Down” lifts.

We explain why there is nothing to lose below:

Even if, the worst should happen, if a company has closed, it’s closed. If a company sells out, it is a change of tenancy and for any other situation paying less, long term, is the best solution.

Just imagine if every time you filled your car up with fuel you paid the same as you did in 2016, without any price inflation. Currently, you have the potential to do just this with  business energy costs. If you are able to switch now all you really need to know is how much money you can save.

All we will need is a copy of your energy bills but very little else, call us on 0345 370 5000 or email us for more information. Time is of the essence! 

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