Why it pays to have device cover?

Some will always say it’s not worth it but here is why device cover might be the smart move for your business:

Recently we heard of a situation where a company safe had been broken into, the office badly damaged and multiple devices taken. The owner needed the devices replaced fast, a day of not trading is very expensive. He was also dealing with the sudden and unplanned costs of damage to the office. The office needed to be returned to normal quickly too so that trading could resume ASAP, that meant up front costs were required for the office. Luckily all that was required for thousands of pounds worth of devices was the excess, because they were covered.

Finding the right cover does not necessarily mean finding the cheapest cover. It’s only worth the money when disaster strikes if it actually solves the problem. We have provided a little more information about what our cover includes with a PDF showing prices here.

If you are budget conscious (and given the current state of the economy who isn’t feeling a little cautious?) device insurance can help you avoid sudden and unplanned spikes in expenditure.

There is quite enough to worry about if disaster strikes, don’t let not getting around to sorting out mobile phone insurance by another. We offer high quality, good value cover at Comms Connect.

We all know that mobile devices can be relatively expensive. We also know we cannot cope without them!

To ask any questions or set up a policy just call us about Sentinel Aftercare on 0345 370 5000 or use the contact form


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