Why is it so critical to buy business energy this month?

Any Telegraph readers amongst you may have seen the article by Jillian Ambrose back in August explaining that European gas prices were hitting 3 year highs as companies scramble to store enough gas for winter.

Market updates demonstrate prices continuing to escalate, whilst there was a slight decrease this month prices are set to soar to new highs in November which in a nutshell is why it might be in your best interests to buy now.

What are the key drivers?

NAFTA (The North American Free Trade Agreement) renegotiation coupled with President Trump’s sanctions against Iran coming into affect next month are pushing oil prices up.

Electricity prices peeked at £70 a Megawatt, then fell slightly. In line with oil prices electricity prices are set to rise too next month. The global economy remains the main driver.

Gas has seen a drop in demand as a result of healthy renewable power levels, warm weather and weakening financial markets and warm weather impacting gas contracts with coal and oil both showing a strong decrease.

Business is craving certainty at a time of uncertainty.

If you want to act quickly to avoid these pending rises contact us today to talk about options including a five year fixed term.

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